iPad app and site development

take the lead over the competition

iPad will revolutionarize the way we experience the web and our digital media. The days of using a laptop on the sofa are over. Bring your content to your readers in a way they will enjoy it most.


Whether using a desktop, laptop or smartphone, everyone is on the web. Reading the news or a book on a computer is still very uncomfortable. With the launch of the iPad this will change. With an optimized website, your readers will have the best possible user experience.

Besides providing content through an optimized website Shareforce helps companies to bring their content to the iPad with native applications. The improved screensize combined with a multitouch-screen provides the possibility to create applications never seen before. The iPhone opened the door, now iPad steps through it.

It´s for you!

Do you own a website? Are you in social media? Do you want to be ahead of the competition? Do you want to bring rich content to your users/readers? If you answered 1 or more of these questions with yes, then stop thinking about building for iPad and contact Shareforce to help you.