The best mix of project management and development talent. At Shareforce you will have access to a familiar contact person and almost unlimited development skills & resources. That is our formula for success. We are located in the Netherlands (’s-Hertogenbosch) since 2008. Our people make the difference. Want to have a look behind the scenes, see who is responsible for what and see what skills and experience our people have? Take a look yourself below! Looking for a new job? Love working on challenging projects for international clients? We love people who want to grow in their career and take the next step. Apply for a job today if you are interested in one of the job openings on this page.


John Kivit


Entrepreneur, innovator, networker & organizer. Shareforce firestarter. Loves good food and sports.

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Niels SnakenborgNiels Snakenborg

Niels Snakenborg

Mobile / Web Developer

A true iOS king that knows how to service a customer. Remixes music & code in spare time.

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Sander BoelaarsSander Boelaars

Sander Boelaars

PHP Developer

Experienced PHP developer. Plays code during the day and games in the evenings.

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Thomas de WittThomas de Witt

Thomas de Witt

Android Developer

Audiophile with a passion for Android. Prefers high fidelity in both music and code.

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Wilbert SchadeeWilbert Schadee

Wilbert Schadee

PHP Developer

A real code gorilla with a passion for PHP. Likes to waste time with friends and games.

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Jason van der Lee

PHP Developer

Enthusiastic PHP Developer. Not only types fast on a keyboard but also plays the piano in his spare time.

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Ellen SchellekensEllen Schellekens

Ellen Schellekens

Financial assistant

Organizes our daily chaos. Ready to help. Answers all your calls with a smile.

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Bart Bergmans

Web / Mobile Developer

Hard-core professional developer. PHP and Android. Likes to play games and good food.

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Joris Leermakers

Joris Leermakers

Web Developer

A true PHP wizard. Communicative and dedicated teamplayer. Freelancer at

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