Web apps

Do you want to take your web presence one step further? Develop a website or application that is state of the art and gives you new possibilities? Shareforce develops web applications and sites with a powerful architecture. In PHP, HTML5 or based on the Drupal content management system. But also if you need a responsive design or mobile website you have come to the right address! We can service you with advice, concept, design, development, testing and maintenance.


The web is still leading for most online activities. Anyone can develop a simple application or website. But what if it gets more complex and mission critical? When every second counts, millions of people visit your website and everything needs to run smoothly? Shareforce develops custom web applications and websites with a powerful architecture. We live and dream in PHP, a powerful scripting language. In combination with a MySQL or MongoDB database it’s a powerful solution. No challenge is too big for us!


We don't have to re-invent the wheel for every project. Modern content management systems can give you a cost efficient solution for your web project. Drupal, a leading open source CMS, is our choice whenever possible. It powers millions of websites and applications from big to small around the world. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people. You can profit from their and our knowledge to get the right solution for the right price.

ImageMobile website

The new standard is a - mobile first - strategy. Don’t want to be limited to one platform, but want to reach out to all mobile Internet users instead? A mobile website in HTML5 is the right strategy for you. Standardization and the fact that you can maintain all content from one single point are a mobile website’s advantages. Shareforce has a lot of experience with the modern HTML5 standard. Let us surprise you with all the possibilities. We can also optimize your current website for mobile.