Google Glass apps

A whole new world opens up with Google Glass, the most promising technology since the smartphone. Google Glass makes a complete new level of services possible and links the real and digital world of users. Google Glass is the next step in the seamless integration of information into our daily lives. Shareforce develops apps for Glass. We help you bringing this exciting future one step closer.

How does Google Glass work?

Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head mounted display. It weighs no more than a pair of sunglasses, but has all the latest technology on board. It is controlled by voice or the touchpad on the right side of the Glass. Glass connects to the Internet by wifi or Bluetooth on a smartphone. Images are projected into the eye with a small mini projector and a prism. The transparent image being projected is at the top right corner of your vision. Google Glass can be best described as a ‘picture-in picture’ for your real world.

Development for Google Glass

Google Glass is a complete new experience that cannot be compared to the user experience on a PC or Smartphone. Glass is designed to deliver quick and pertinent information to users while not interfering with their lives. You have to adapt to new design rules to be successful with Google Glass apps. The design and features of your app should integrate seamlessly with the specific characteristics of Google Glass. The Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) and Google Mirror API are frequently used tools to build innovative apps. Apps for Google Glass are commonly referred to as 'Glassware'.

Glass Explorer program

As one of the few Dutch developers, Shareforce takes part in the Google Glass Explorer program. This exclusive program was set up for users and developers to work closely with Google in this early stage to shape the future of Glass. You have to be invited and approved by Google to be part of the program. As a partner in the program, Shareforce also owns its own Google Glass. Next to that we also have access to the right information, knowledge and development tools to build innovative apps for Glass.

Schedule a meeting?

We are convinced that wearables like Google Glass are the successor of the smartphone. That’s why we started developing apps for Google Glass and would love to step into this promising future with you. Are you thinking about entering the market with Google Glass apps? Shareforce would love to brainstorm about the possibilities. Lets meet and share ideas. We will introduce you to Google Glass and give a personal demonstration. Contact us at +31-73 8440004 or to schedule a meeting.

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