Glass apps are coming!

Google Glass

The development of Google Glass apps and experimenting with them was not possible for all developers up until now. Only people actually owning a Google Glass had access to the right credentials. But last week Google opened up. It can be therefore expected that more and more new apps will become available for Google Glass on a short term.

Google announced last week that it will open up its Google Glass Mirror API for all developers. No longer it is restricted to the group of people owning a Google Glass. Via the Mirror API developers can communicate with a Google Glass device. It can be used for building simple services for the device.

For more advanced apps and services, developers need knowledge of Glassware. Glassware is the terminology used for apps on a Google Glass. These apps run on Android. But also in this native development things are speeding up. Google showed a preview of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) at a two day hackathon in San Francisco last week.

Lots of developers are looking forward to the release of the development kit to be able to build innovative apps for Google Glass. We at Shareforce can’t wait to start developing apps for Google Glass! 



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