Google Glass disadvantages?

The life of a Google Glass Explorer is great. A whole new world opens up. People love it. More than a 1,000 people have tried my Glass in the last three months. They all love it and think it is the future.

But of course there are disadvantages. Not everything about Google Glass is cool and our first impressions about Google Glass are not always perfect. It has some clear disadvantages. The battery sucks, privacy is an issue and the current price of $1,500 is to steep for most consumers.

Its no surprise that a consumer study of Toluna confirms these issues. They surveyed several thousands consumers in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore about their concerns and motivations regarding Google Glass. The results are pretty obvious. Privacy and security are main concerns and the current pricing of $1,500 is just not good enough.

Entrepreneurs have a simple rule: innovation + money = regulation. But lets not forget where it all started. Innovation plants the first seed. Lets start with that for now?


Google Glass - privacy - price


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