Smartwatch apps

In a few years time most consumers will have a smartwatch wrapped around their wrist. A brand new product category is about to emerge and pave the way for new ways of interaction with consumers. Smartwatches have the potential to replace your mobile, keys and wallet in the future. But they will also help in monitoring your health and act as a universal remote control for a broad range of devices in your home. Shareforce develops smartwatch apps and can help you bringing this future one step closer.

Smartwatch technology

Smartwatches are basically mini computers with a (touch) screen. They run on specific operation systems on which apps can be installed. In most cases smartwatches work closely together with a smartphone by connecting through Bluetooth. For example, most smartwatches use the GPS and Internet connectivity from the smartphone. Smartwatches can do so much more than displaying time. Banking, Commerce, Health, Home and Travel are all important areas in which smartwatch technology can play an important role. Big players like Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung have all entered the smartwatch world and battle for market share.

Smartwatch app development

Smartwatches are a complete new experience. The user experience can't be compared to that on a laptop or smartphone. You have to adapt to a new set of rules for the development of successful smartwatch apps. The most important challenge is the small screen of a smartwatch. Information and the user interface of smartwatch apps have to be optimized for the smaller screen. The main advantage of smartwatches is that they are always close to your customer. Smartwatch apps are instantly available and therefore the ideal instrument to activate your clients by using notifications for example.

Smartwatch development

As one of the first Dutch developers, Shareforce has invested a lot of time in gaining the right knowledge about the leading smartwatch platforms. We can assist you with the development of smartwatch apps for the Android, iOS, Pebble and Tizen platform. We have the right information, knowledge, people and development tools to develop your smartwatch apps. Our talented developers love to lead the way and seize every opportunity to get their hands dirty on this new technology.

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Shareforce thinks that wearables like smartwatches will play an important role in the daily lives of consumers in the near future. That’s why we started developing apps for smartwatches and would love to step into this promising future with you. Do you have plans for smartwatch apps and want to brainstorm about the possibilities? Lets meet and share ideas. But don't hesitate and also get in touch if you need a clear overview of the market, personal demo or a presentation about smartwatches. Contact us at +31-73 8440004 or to schedule a meeting.

android wear logo Wear

A dedicated Android version for smartwatches. Smartwatches from Asus, HTC, LG and Sony run on Android Wear.

apple watch logo Watch

The full product line of Apple smartwatches runs on iOS, Apple's mobile platform.

tizen logo Tizen

The majority of Samsung smartwatches run on Tizen, Samsung’s mobile operation system.