Shackle scores top ranking

Its getting harder and harder to be successful with an app. With millions of apps in the appstores its not an easy job to get noticed. Especially in the very competitive gaming apps category. That’s why we are very pleased with the first results of Shackle. Shackle was launched on July 4th and managed to score a top three position in the 'Word Games' category. We are proud to be in this ranking with proven successes like Wordfeud, Draw Something and Ruzzle.

Shareforce has developed Shackle in cooperation with partner 'Nieuwe Stijl'. It’s the ultimate word game. The goal is to create the longest words possible. The longer your entry, the more points you earn. But there is a challenge; the final letter of the word of your opponent is the first letter of your word! 

Shackle partly thanks its topranking to good reviews on Dutchcowboys and iCulture (previously iPhoneclub). Two important platforms that can give any app a boost in downloads. But we also have to thank our players of the first hour. We are proud to get a good rating from them (4,5 stars). 

Before the introduction of Shackle I made a bet with fellow Shackle team members Eric, Jochum and Ted. About the number of downloads one month after the introduction. I was the pessimist in this bet. I have lost bigtime. Cheers gentlemen. A free night of drinking in the pub for you guys it is.



Shackle topranking



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