Google Glass the new revolution?

Google glass

Yesterday I visited The Next Web conference. It had a lot of speakers and about 2.000 visitors. But what impressed me the most was the possibility to see a Google Glass first hand. And even more the enthusiastic reactions of the crowd to the device.

Google Glass is a kind of virtual glasses that you can control with your voice. You can take pictures and videos, search Google, read messages, get navigation instructions and pair it with your (Android) phone. It projects a small screen on the inside of the glasses to provide you with live information.

Blogger and technology freak Robert Scoble was one of the few people worldwide that Google gave the opportunity to try the device. Together with Andrew Keen, who played his traditional ‘anti-role’, Scoble did a nice stage act. But Scoble’s enthusiasm won by far. A large majority of the visitors (80%) said they really want to buy a Google Glass when it becomes available. After his stage act Scoble was swarmed by people who wanted to try the device themselves. And of course take a snappy picture of them wearing the Google Glass.

The enthusiasm about Google Glass brought back memories of the first iPhone in the Netherlands being showcased at a Twitter meetup. Google Glass is definitely something you have to keep in mind for the future. It can be the next innovative wave in technology. And even better, you can develop apps for it, so consumers can use your product or service in a new way. It’s definitively something you should not keep your eyes closed for.

Want to know more? Read the article on that tested Google Glass, surf to the official Glass website or watch the interview that Numrush did with Robert Scoble below.


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