iOS6 on 79% iPhones



Apple does not supply developers with a lot of data about the software versions on users smartphones. Google Android does a better job for that kind of information. That’s why we commissioned a study to Multiscope to learn which software version iPhone users have on their phone. In March, six months after the introduction of iOS6, 79% uses iOS 6.0 version or above.

This is good news for app owners and developers. A large share for recent software means more features and decreases the need to invest in old versions. The introduction of the ‘over the air’ feature has made the upgrade process much easier.








iOS4 still has a share of 13%, this is mainly due to older iPhone 3 phones that can’t upgrade to iOS5. Since that version Apple introduced the automatic update feature. Despite this friendly feature, 8% of the users have decided not to upgrade to IOS6 yet. 

Are you looking for similar data for Android? Google makes live a lot easier. They have free data on a continuous basis about the sofware versions of Android users.

To obtain the Dutch iPhone data we have used Multiscope marktpeiler. They surveyed a national representative sample of 1.012 Dutch inhabitants for us about their smartphone in an online survey. iPhone users were asked to report their software version by checking it under the settings section.


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