LinkedIn for mobile pioneers

LinkedIn logoLast month we started a new LinkedIn group. The first mobilistas have joined the group in the past weeks.  Will you join us too? Mobile Pioneers is a group for decisions makers from companies that are interested in mobile strategy, marketing and apps. 

It’s the place for decisions makers, marketers, developers and equal minded people to meet digitally. But also a place to discuss or ask questions to specialists. We are here for decision makers who want to be first. For all people that want to excel and have the ambition to grow and excel in their industry. 

To accomplish this goal we stay in touch on social networks, we share knowledge and twice a year we meet at the Mobile Pioneers knowledge sessions. The knowledge sessions are an ideal opportunity to get experiences from daily practice, a clear overview of the market and a glimpse of the promising future of mobile. And there is plenty of space for interaction and sharing experiences.

Photo: Nan Palmero (CC)


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