Hello mobile world!

I have a tradition of starting every new blog with a 'Hello World' message. And traditions have to be honored. In this case it's not the first article on this blog, but it is in fact the first one you can read as visitor of Shareforce. Since Thursday afternoon we have a brand new responsive website.

With this new responsive website we service the growing segment of visitors who visit our site from a smart phone or tablet. And we took a lot of effort to make it look pretty on any device. Responsive design is a relatively new trend. A responsive design adapts itself to the device of the visitor. Give it a try yourself by checking the website on a different device!

After a relative short process of creation, the devil was in the detail again. But at last we can show our newborn baby to the outside world. We are happy with the result and look forward to your feedback. We tested every single detail, but experience learns that visitors always notice that small detail we missed in the process. You can help us by notifying any issues at webmaster@shareforce.nl or by posting a Facebook comment below.

But I think we can be proud of the end result. Lots of thanks to Andrei, Jochum and last but not least Ionut for all the energy and good work they have put in. And also to Michel of Brightcreatives who was responsible for the overall design. Want to follow us in the future? Use one of the social media buttons in the footer. Or subscribe to our RSS feed in your reader. Happy surfing!



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