Liveblog: Apple WWDC keynote 2013

The keynote of the Apple CEO at the World Wide Developer Conference is traditionally the moment at which some new hardware and software is announced. Apple has more than once changed the landscape of mobile, that’s why Shareforce will report on the WWDC keynote with a live blog.

We will closely follow all announcements with our development team during a ‘beer and pizza’ session and cover the keynote with Coveritlive. Please join us! The keynote starts at 19:00 (Dutch time). Want to know when the keynote will start in your time zone? Check When is Keynote.

As always there is a lot of speculation what Tim Cook will announce this time. We have summarized the ten most probable announcements at the bottom of this page.

What to expect?

We have checked some major expert blogs and summarized their predictions about what we can expect on Monday:

  1. iOS7: there is a fair chance that a new version of iOS7 will be introduced. With a flat design and a very simple (black & white) interface. Lead designer Jony Ivy hinted on this before.
  2. iRadio: a new music streaming service that should compete with Spotify. Apple has closed several deals for it with music companies.
  3. OSX 10.9: minor improvements in the user interface, more features for power users.
  4. iPhone 5s: for spectacular new products Apple in general schedules separate events. But there is a chance on a new iPhone that will be available in more colors.
  5. Hardware: probably nothing big, but perhaps Intel Haswell processors or a new MacBook Pro.
  6. iWatch: Google has it’s Glass. Apple needs something in the wearables market. It has been rumored for a while.
  7. iWork: recently there have been no big updates to iWork, but this is getting more important for consumers using Apple products.
  8. Siri: expansion to more languages and/or the desktop
  9. Apple TV: there is so much more this little black box could do. Perhaps on demand television or specific apps for this platform could be announced.
  10. Open platform: more possibilities for developers because of a more open platform. Very small chance. Steve Jobs would turn in his grave.

What do you expect? Please let us know in the comments!




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