Twitter cards for apps

Twitter has announced a new feature that gives app owners an opportunity to promote their apps on the social network. With Twitter cards, app developers can now enrich tweets with extra information about their apps and promote downloads for apps.

The implementation is quite simple. Just add some extra meta tags to the landing page of your app and Twitter automatically includes the name, icon, description, price, reviews and a download link to tweets that point to the app landing page. This new feature works for both Apple Appstore and Google Play. At this moment Twitter cards are not widespread and need special approval from Twitter, but it is expected that within a few weeks more developers will use the new feature. Among the first apps that use Twitter cards are Angry Birds, Foursquare, Flickr, Path and SoundCloud.

More information about this new Twitter card feature can be found on the developer page of Twitter and an example of the feature can also be found in the image below.


Example Twitter card



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