App usage research results

There is not a lot of data available about the behavior of the Dutch app user. That’s why we were excited to learn about the research of our colleagues (1) from Multiscope with some nice statistics and facts about the Dutch market.

These are the most important learnings:

  • One third of all Dutch people have their smartphone always within reach and use it continuously during the day.
  • 94% of the smartphone users use at least one app on a daily basis.
  • People can not live without Facebook and Whatsapp on their phone.
  • An average, people are willing to pay a maximum of € 2,65 per app.

The 1.100 participants in the survey have also been segmented by Multiscope. They found six main types of app users:

  • Wait & Follow (24%): does not discover new apps himself, instead looks to family and friends for discovering apps. Does not have a lot of apps installed.
  • Organized Businessman (24%): can not live without the e-mail app. Has a lot of apps installed and keeps them perfectly organized in folders.
  • Traditional Caller (20%): not really into apps and only uses the smartphone a couple of times per day. Has only some apps installed and only uses two on a daily basis.
  • Social Know-it-all (18%): the curious type. Mainly uses apps for sharing and following on social media. The smartphone is therefore always within reach.
  • Young Player (8%): the Wordfeud type. Uses the smartphone mainly for entertainment and pleasure. Uses his smartphone at least once every hour.
  • Impulsive Apper (6%): the ADHD type among app users. Download and tries everything that he sees. Has more than 50 apps on the smartphone and uses those the whole day through. Does not organize the apps in folders and barely removes unused apps.

Do you want to know more about the six main types of app users? Read the full message at the website of research agency Multiscope (Dutch only).

(1) Multiscope and Shareforce are both part of Exelirent.




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