Appie most popular Dutch branded app

Appie branded app

Branded apps are often used by large brands to strengthen their brand engagement. The Appie app from Albert Heijn is the most successful branded app in the Netherlands. This is the finding of a research conducted by Panelteam (1) among 628 Dutch consumers. Another interesting fact is that all other branded apps in the top five are owned by telecom companies.

Below is the top five branded apps, between brackets is the percentage of consumers that states they use the app of that brand:

  1. Albert Heijn (23%) 
  2. Samsung (10%)
  3. T-mobile (9%)
  4. Vodafone (7%)
  5. KPN (6%)

Another important finding from the survey is that the main reason to use a branded app is ‘getting information’. Looking at the top 5 it might also be the case that consumers value service, because this is a main component in the branded apps of Albert Heijn and the telecom brands.

More information about the research on branded apps can be found on the website of Panelteam.

(1) Panelteam and Shareforce are both part of Exelirent.


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