Apps dominate the mobile web

US consumers spend 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on their smartphones and tablets. Apps are more popular than mobile websites. Consumers spend 80% of their time in apps and 20% on the mobile web.


Apps versus mobile websites


Shareforce also notes that our clients are more interested in apps than in mobile websites. Although it looks like that the attention for responsive websites is growing lately because it’s a good alternative for customers that don’t want to spread their budget over multiple platforms.

The majority of time in apps is spent on games (32%), Facebook (18%) and entertainment (8%). Surprisingly enough consumers don’t spend too much time on news (2%). Perhaps the reason is that consumers only scan the headlines of news items on social media.

Only a handful of apps eat away the total time spent on apps. Consumers open a mere 7,9 apps per day. This number is slightly on the rise however from two years ago when only 7,2 apps where used on a daily basis.


Apps per day


Source: Flurry


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