Chok!: branded app success

Branded apps can be a success when done the right way. Coca-Cola proves this with their 'Chok!, Chok!, Chok!' concept. In support of a local TV campaign the company launched an interactive app. When the ad was showed on TV the public had the opportunity to win prizes, discounts and mobile games. All they had to do is shake their mobile rapidly to catch the tumbling Coca-Cola bottle caps.

Chok is now the latest slang word used by Hong Kong teens. After one day the app reached the number one position on the local app market. In one week the app got downloaded 380,000 times. And the app and TV commercial got truly viral. After one month the campaign was viewed 9 million times on TV, Youtube and Weibo. And users posted their own 'Chok! experience on online video websites. It is a very good example of a successful interactive TV promotion with apps giving the crowd a new experience.


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