Mobile marketing on the rise

Marketeers in companies are taking mobile marketing serious. This conclusion can be drawn from a yearly survey conducted among marketeers by the Dutch marketing magazine ‘Tijdschrift voor Marketing’. About 33% of all marketeers use mobile marketing in their mix and 40% expects to use it in their mix in the future.

‘Mobile marketing is the ideal tool for marketeers to adapt too ever changing consumer behavior and strengthen the customer relation’, says editor-in-chief Elsbeth Eilander. Mobile marketing is not as commonly used as social media marketing. 80% of the surveyed marketeers indicate they use social media marketing in their mix and 14% expects to use it in their mix within the next two years.

The results from the yearly survey also show that marketing budgets are slightly on the rise again. Next to that, 48% of all budgets are spent on digital marketing and 52% on offline marketing. I’m curious how the situation in you company is? Are mobile and social an important part of your strategy and do you spend the majority of your budget on digital marketing?


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