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Apple has introduced a new set of future rules for iPhone and iPad apps. The new rules will be set from May 1 2013 and consist of new demands for compatibility with the new iPhone 5 screen and a limit of the use of the UDID.

For the moment, the new rules only apply for new apps and apps that need an update. Your current app is ‘safe’ for the moment. But if you need to do an update or bug fix your app, it will not be approved if it does not comply with the new rules. From May 1 2013 new and updated apps must support the (bigger) 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5. With this demand Apple wants to end ‘blank’ space old apps use on the new screen. Previously it was allowed to run your old app on the new iPhone 5 screen.

The usage of the UDID by developers will also be part of history soon. The UDID is a unique identifier of your phone that app owners and developers use for identification. They use it for example to show personalized in-app advertising to users. The UDID is basically the cookie of the iPhone app. After troubles about privacy Apple choose to introduce the better and safer ‘Advertising Identifier’. All criteria for apps can be found on the news page for Apple developers.

Photo: Phil Aaronson (CC)


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