State of m-commerce in the Netherlands


Dutch inhabitants will spend about 1.2 billion euro this year on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile commerce nowadays owns a share of about 11% of e-commerce spendings. And it is growing considerably. In comparison to the second half of 2012 m-commerce has grown with 53%. This was announced by, the organization for e-retailers in the Netherlands.

The number of mobile buyers has grown from 1.5 million to 2.3 million. A number that no longer can be ignored by large retailers. On a yearly basis about 12 million mobile orders are placed. The average spending per order is about 50 euro. Surprisingly the large majority (63%) of all mobile shopping is done at home - on the touch - from a tablet.

It looks like an evolution has taken place. 20 years ago consumers had a special room dedicated for their PC. Later the PC moved to the living room and after a few years it was replaced by a laptop. Nowadays the tablet is taking over and consumers use this device more and more for e-shopping.

But not everything is perfect for consumers. Large e-retailers report that the share of mobile visitors on their website is above 20%. But the share of mobile spendings is only 11%. There clearly still are some limiting factors here.

This is what consumers mention as limiting factors in their m-shopping experience:

  • small screen (for smartphones)
  • poor user experience on mobile websites
  • feeling unsafe when ordering / paying online

But in general consumers love mobile shopping. In fact it is fair to say that they are more ready for it than companies are. M-commerce is growing fast and consumers demand a good mobile shopping experience. Companies must invest to solve limiting factors and optimize the mobile experience. Both mobile or responsive websites, but also apps can help increase the mobile experience.



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