Parallax design for websites

Parallax design is a new design trend for websites. In the last couple of months new websites that use this technique keep popping up. In a parallax design all the content of a website is presented in one single page. That’s why parallax design sometimes is also referred to as parallax scrolling or ‘one page website’.

A parallax design shows a lot of big images and the content scrolls over these images. Hereby creating the illusion of a 2d effect. Parallax scrolling is attractive for website visitors and appropriate to do great story telling.

In the past, important content of a website was always shown in the visible part of the screen (above the fold). With a parallax website design, visitors are stimulated to scroll through all your content. In most cases a menu is still present as it helps visitors to jump to specific parts of the content. 

A parallax design has a lot of advantages for website owners and visitors:

  1. It’s simple and easy
  2. It answers a need for more visual communication
  3. You can build an attractive website relatively cheap and easy
  4. Visitors are seduced to read all content
  5. The design stands out and has more impact
  6. You can add the right emotion to your product
  7. Conversion is better because you can tell the whole story
  8. Your can give your website a very unique look & feel

Because one image says more than a thousand words, below you can find some pages with examples of the best parallax websites:

Do you want a cool parallax website for your organisation? Shareforce can help you with the design, technology and implementation. Contact us and we will tell you about all the benefits.


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