In memory of: Erik Driessen

In memoriam: Erik Driessen

With pain in our hearts we have learned of the death of Erik Driessen. The best friend, inspirator, business partner and positive shareholder a company could ever wish for. Erik was one of the driving forces behind Exelirent, the holding company of Multiscope, Panelteam and Shareforce.

Erik said goodbye to life on June 19th, 2013. We will miss his voice, advice and loads of energy. Erik was a fantastic guy who gave us faith in hard times, cheered for us at success, was always there as a source of creativity and last but not least was a never-ending source of ideas. 

The world will never be the same without Erik. But he will always be in our minds and hearts. The good memories and his unique quality to see a new opportunity in every challenge became part of our daily culture.

To keep his special and positive mindset alive for future generations of entrepreneurs, we have created the Erik Driessen Award. Each year, one entrepreneur, that rocks the world with a new, innovative idea will receive this award at the annual Marketing Pioneers conference. When Erik learned about his award he was touched by it deeply. Make it an everlasting memory and start every day with the mindset that everything is an opportunity, even in hard times.


Thanks Erik!


Goodbye Erik