Successful m-commerce event


On Wednesday November 6, Shareforce hosted the fourth edition of Mobile Pioneers. The subject of this knowledge session was m-commerce. Thanks to excellent speakers of Fonq, Greetz, MeasureWorks, Rabobank and Shareforce it was a very interesting afternoon. The visitors in ‘Vertrekhal Rotterdam’ were all very enthusiastic and enjoyed the information being presented about this relatively new subject. 

Millions of Dutch people shop on their mobile. But they still experience some limits. In fact it is true to say that consumers demand a better mobile experience. There is still a lot of work to be done for companies. The share of mobile visits on an average website is about 25% while the share of mobile shopping amounts to only 11%. Conversion is the main problem.

An important lesson to be learnt from the insightful afternoon is that m-commerce is not about devices but about consumers. They demand easy of use and speed. Visitors returned homewards with one important message in the back of their minds. We have to make sure consumers have a solid mobile ‘landing’ if they interact with your brand. Mobile websites and apps are an important instrument for this. Companies can make a difference by offering a smooth mobile experience.

Check the presentations and photos if you want to learn more about the m-commerce event. The cases and information that were presented can help you being successful in the future.

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