Shareforce starts Google Glass development

Mobile- and web application development company Shareforce has started the development of Google Glass apps. As one of the first developers in the Dutch market Shareforce has access to the Google Glass Explorer program. We have taken the first steps in building a team of Glass developers and organize a demo day in March for people interested in Google Glass.

“Wearables like Google Glass have a promising future. Despite the fact that Google Glass still is in an experimental phase and it is not widely available for the public we want to be a pioneer in this field. We see opportunities for our clients, but also want to discover new business opportunities and love to work with partners to discover all of them.” (John Kivit - founder)

“Its to early to predict what will be successful and when the timing is right for Google Glass apps. But we see opportunities for both the consumer and b2b market. In the consumer market, solutions that build upon notification and content filtering have a fair chance to be  successful. In B2B we see opportunities in markets in which highly specialized human knowledge plays an important role. Google Glass has a big advantage that it is voice controlled (hands free) and it can give a remote view on what is going on.” (Jochum Groenendal - senior project leader).

Glass Explorer program
As one of the few Dutch developers, Shareforce takes part in the Google Glass Explorer program. This exclusive program was set up for users and developers to work closely with Google in this early stage to shape the future of Glass. You have to be invited and approved by Google to be part of the program. As a partner in the program, Shareforce also owns its own Google Glass. Next to that we also have access to the right information, knowledge and development tools to build innovative apps for Glass.

Development team
In the past weeks Shareforce has taken the first steps in building a team that specializes in developing Glassware (apps for Google Glass). Some of our (Android) developers will get special training for it but we are also hiring new developers for Google Glass development. We expect that this team consists of 3 - 5 developers before the end of the year.

Google Glass demo day
For people interested in Google Glass, Shareforce organizes a special Google Glass demo day including drinks, on Friday March 14. After a short introduction into Google Glass we give everybody the opportunity to experience Google Glass firsthand. RSVP on Facebook or send an e-mail to to attend. The Glass demo day starts at 14:00

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More information?
Are you thinking about entering the market with Google Glass apps? Shareforce would love to brainstorm about the possibilities. Lets meet and share ideas. We will introduce you to Google Glass and give a personal demonstration. Contact us at +31-73 8440004 or to schedule a meeting.