Shackle game app live!


Shareforce has launched the brand new word game Shackle. The app is available in the appstore for iPhone, iPod and iPad since the beginning of July. The game app is a coproduction of Shareforce and our partner Nieuwe Stijl.

Shackle is the ultimate word game. The goal is to create the longest words possible. The longer your entry, the more points you earn. But there is a challenge; the final letter of the word of your opponent is the first letter of your word!

Each letter has its own value. If you play a six-letter word the word value will be doubled. Tripled in case of a seven-letter word. Quadrupled for eight letters. And in case of nine letters the word value is multiplied by five. Played a few bad turns? Just form a long word and you are back in the game!

The game is over after twenty turns. However if at any time during the game you form a word of ten letters (a Shackle!) you win by sudden death! A real challenge for every puzzle master. But hey, it won’t be easy!

Compete with friends and family. Play with letters. Confuse your opponent by ending with a difficult letter. When your word ends with an ‘x’ for instance, your opponents first letter will be an ‘x’!

Are you a pro at word games? Then Shackle is the ultimate word game for you!