Mobile commerce important for advertisers

Research among the top 500 advertisers in the Netherlands clearly shows that mobile commerce is a main goal for mobile advertisers. In the past the activities of mobile advertisers were mainly focussed on generating brand awareness and stimulating engagement. Generating traffic alone is no longer enough for big brand owners. They want actual sales being generated by the mobile channel.

Advertiser goals
Mobile advertisers mention the following goals they want to accomplish with mobile marketing as their most important ones:

  • Generate direct sales (63%)
  • Stimulate engagement (54%)
  • Support specific promotions (45%)
  • Brand awareness (34%) 
  • Innovation / differentiate from competition (28%)
  • CRM (9%)

Mobile marketing grows
At this moment, about 33% of all advertisers have integrated one or more mobile marketing instruments in their strategy. A large part (69%) says their budgets for mobile marketing will rise in the next two years. Advertisers see mobile as a part of their online strategy. In 66% of all cases mobile is a part of the online budget.

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